Sunday, August 1, 2010

wedding cakes: Nike Edition

I read a lot of blogs -- especially ones about weddings, everything and anything related to weddings.  Photography. DIY projects. Flowers. Cakes.

One of my favorite things to do is come up with creative ideas for my friends' weddings that uniquely capture their interests and personalities.  Some people have their own weddings planned out in their heads.  Not so for me -- I only got so far as my color scheme, and even then I'm unsure.  But other people -- I'm all for coming up with creative ideas.

I have a friend who loves shoes -- and when I say shoes, I mean Nike Jordans.  She's even gone so far to describe them as "sexy."  So the other day, when I was looking at Sweet and Saucy Shop's blog and came across a Nike cake, I was stoked!  And they even happen to be her wedding shoes too (yeah, she's got all white Jordan elevens).  Let's just say I was extremely excited and sent this to her immediately.  Who says you can't have a Nike cake at your wedding? Goodbye 3 tier round cake, hello Nike! Check out this awesome cake!

Check out more pictures on their blog!

What creative twist will you take to make your wedding cake special?

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  1. Hey Tiff! Why i just discovered your blog! =D Congrats on finding a name, and what a great idea for the Nike shoe cake! I love the fact that it's also sitting on top of a Nike "shoebox" ;-)