Wednesday, August 18, 2010

versatility at its finest

It's tough choosing bridesmaid dresses for many reasons.

Chances are your friends aren't all exact clones of each other (probably a good thing) so certain styles look good on some, but not on all.

Same thing with color.  I'm a big fan of bright orange, but let's be honest -- not everyone loves bright orange.

Not everyone is rolling deep -- price is a huge factor.  You don't want money to be an issue.

Then you have to factor in what you want the "look" of your wedding to be...
    Do you want them all to be the same style? Do you want them all the same color? Or different shades of the same color? Or different colors all today?
      If you've seen the movie 27 Dresses, it's clear that bridesmaids dresses have a reputation of being ugly/ridiculous.  This is NOT true...and I'm here to show you one amazing option!  

      I have a friend who's getting married soon, and she showed me these super versatile dresses, and I just had to share them!  Made of a jersey material these dresses are the epitome of versatile.  They can be worn many different ways, there are different lengths, colors, and best of all they're super comfy!

      Image Credit: Erin Leigh on Etsy

      Image Credit: Erin Leigh on Etsy

      Image Credit: Erin Leigh on Etsy
      Image Credit: Meg Perotti Photography

      Image Credit: Steve Depino
      Erin Leigh sells these dresses on Etsy for about $98! These dresses are also sold by Butter by Nadia and Dessy Group.  They retail for about $240.

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