Hometown: San Diego, CA
Current Location: Los Angeles, CA

I am left handed.
I love bright colors.
Fashion is one way I express myself.
I love football.
I am an alumnus of USC -- Fight on!
I love clouds and sunflowers.
Pumpkin Spice Lattes signal the start of fall.
I could watch sunsets and gaze at the stars forever.

I love to smile.
I laugh a lot.
I love encouraging others.

I plan all types of events -- fundraisers, galas, parties, weddings.
I want to create change through the events I plan and coordinate.
I aim to create a positive environment for everyone involved.
My goal is to give people the gift of peace on their event day so they can enjoy every moment completely.

Everything I have is a gift from God, and it is such a joy and blessing to share His love and peace with you!