Tuesday, February 28, 2012

be[love]d: vintage art deco engagement rings

Photo Credit: 1. Paris Hotel Boutique//2. Mellows//3. Trocadero

I've always been drawn to those items with small details that make it different from your mainstream fashion -- an asymmetrical hem, a zipper detail, a pop of color.  I've recently been loving the small details of these vintage art deco engagement rings, characterized by their "highly stylized geometric shapes and strong use of symmety," that make them unique and different from your standard diamond ring.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

valentine's tea party

You know you're an event planner when...you incessantly comment on every tiny detail in someone's house because it's a real life display of a style you've seen on wedding and event blogs.  Yeah, that was me the other day.  It was like an inspiration board come to life.   And a style that in my current position, will never get the opportunity to implement.

It's almost embarrassing to recount the sheer amazement and excitement I had over the details of the tea party I went to hosted by one of the members of my community group.  As a result of perusing so many wedding and event blogs over the past year, I have developed a small (okay, maybe more like huge) obsession and love for the rustic/vintage/romantic style of event.  I think it's the way that so many random pieces can come together to create something beautiful, so eclectic.  I can't help but swoon over the mismatched serving ware, the wood slice boards, the lace, the succulents, the hanging terrariums.  And swoon I did over every little detail of my friend's quaint house, exclaiming "oh my gosh" at, well, let's be honest, everything. It was a perfect setting for an afternoon tea party complete with scones, cucumber sandwiches, biscotti, and of course, quality girl bonding time.