"Tiffany Yu planned our wedding in Hope Ranch, Santa Barbara and did an excellent job.  It was really fun working with her during the planning process.  She is fun, friendly, but serious and committed.  Wedding planning can be a stressful time for a bride and Tiffany's cool and relaxed spirit helped keep me calm during the whole process. She is very organized and creative which led to our wedding being well executed.  We couldn't have been more happy with her work.  Five stars for Tiffany Yu!" ~ Victoria & Jacob Lovelady, 10.16.2010

"Tiffany was truly a God-send to me for my wedding! I really thought it would be impossible for someone else to have as detail-orientated of a mind as myself, but Tiffany blew my expectations away with how organized she was in pulling every aspect, small or large, together for my special day. She did a wonderful job of checking in with me before the wedding, but not in an overwhelming way. Her lists and spreadsheets were wonderful in allowing me to visualize how a big picture would be possible from so many tiny details. It made all the difference to have her there with me so I could focus on just enjoying the wedding and not needing to control it. I cannot thank her enough!!" ~ Nicole Ziza Bauer, 11.20.2010

"Tiffany was a lifesaver on our wedding day. I seriously cannot imagine the day happening as perfectly as it did without her calm demeanor stepping in and taking charge, and her organization made a HUGE difference for the better. She was cool as a cucumber, no matter what the day threw at her, and I was able to relax and prepare for marriage (something I'm so incredibly thankful for). All of my vendors were extremely impressed with Tiffany and have told me they loved working with her. I would recommend Tiffany for all my friends' weddings in a heartbeat." ~ Sarah Laine Milner, 04.02.2011

"I had the pleasure of having Tiffany Yu as my Wedding Coordinator for my husband and I's October wedding in Downtown Los Angeles. I was blown away by her commitment to us. Not only did she have every detail accounted for, but she stood as my buffer, and made sure that every loose end was tied up, in order that I would not have to.  However, it is perhaps not only Tiffany's attention to detail, but her loving and sacrificial heart that makes her work so outstanding. Speaking as the Bride, she really walked with me through this process and made sure that I had everything I needed. In moments where I felt overwhelmed, Tiffany met me with a smile and assured me that she would take care of it all. I truly believe that it is because of Tiffany's work, that Robert (my husband) and I were able to sit back, take in, and enjoy our wedding day from start to finish." ~ Brie Naughton, 10.08.2011

“Tiffany has been the coordinator for the Dicken's Thornton event here at the Biltmore for the past 3 years. Tiffany is extremely detail oriented and very easy to work with. She gets along well with everyone and keeps her cool at all times during the set up and execution of this very elaborate high end annual event. I would highly recommend Tiffany as a coordinator and event planner for any occasion.” ~ Valerie Lehman, Catering Manager, Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles

"What an incredible event planner! Tiffany made our wedding perfect! All the meetings leading up to the day and the day of were so incredibly smooth, it was silly! She knows what her job is, she knows what everyone else needs to do, and she gets it done. As the bride, she asked me two questions the whole day; 'Are you ready to go in for the ceremony?' and 'Are you ready to enter for the reception?'. Seriously, I didn't have to think about one thing and it all went BEAUTIFULLY. The name is accurate, with Tiffany your event will be BELOVED!!!" ~Melissa & Garland Hunt, 08.03.2012

"Tiffany is my cousin, so when Byron and I got engaged, we automatically knew that we had to have her help us coordinate our wedding.  Boy, are we ever glad that we did!  Right from the start, Tiffany was the consummate professional.  When you think about weddings, you just think dress, flowers, food, and music, right?  So did we until Tiffany came to our first meeting, armed to the tee with a list of questions regarding everything from who’s in the wedding party to whether we had an envelope box.  Byron and I looked at each other and went “Whoa, we didn’t even think about half of those things!  Thanks!”  She took care of coordinating with all the vendors, which I was immensely grateful for because that was a load off of my shoulders.  In the weeks leading up to the wedding day, she stayed in constant contact via email and text messages just keeping me up to date and in the loop.  If she had a question, she never hesitated to ask and clarify.  Tiffany made sure that everyone was on the same page regarding what we wanted and how we wanted things done. We had a lot of DIY elements in our wedding, so set-up was a concern of ours in terms of labor and time management.  Tiffany reassured us that it was not a problem and true to her words, everything went off without a hitch on the day of the wedding.  I spent my wedding day enjoying myself and having an absolutely fantastic time with my guests, never once having to worry about anything because I knew Tiffany had everything under control.  She let us know when we were needed for things like cutting the cake and the bouquet toss.  All of our guests had nothing but kind words for how smoothly the ceremony and reception ran and that was all thanks to Tiffany and her hard work planning our special day!" ~Lisa Yu, 11.20.12

"We had our wedding scheduled for 9/6/14, and realized we didn't have a wedding coordinator booked. It was less than a month and we had all the major details lined up, but didn't have someone to coordinate the activities for the big day. We met Tiffany from a close friend of ours, and understood the quality of work and organization she brought was very high. About a week prior to the wedding we met in person and coordinated everything from who was responsible for materials, when to be on site, and even post reception details were taken care of. Her attention to detail is what separates her from everyone else, this all while maintaining a friendly yet firm demeanor. Tiffany has our recommendation for any event you may have in mind." ~Ermuel Navarro, 09.06.14

"I met Tiffany through a friend who also hired her as their wedding coordinator.  We contacted Tiffany to take care of our reception less than a month before the wedding, and she was able to get in contact with ALL of our vendors and get on board with my plans and visions. She was so organized and on point that it felt like I hired a second brain to ease the inevitable stress that comes with wedding planning! During the reception, she gracefully tracked the timeline and calmly yet firmly directed everyone (e.g., vendors, guests) on what needs to get done/happen. From the set up, to program execution,  band coordination, making sure every staff had their break, turning down the lights at the right time, Tiffany had it taken care of. She was wonderful! Even my parents commented how well she directed everyone. Tiffany is truly skillful with getting on board with your plans, and managing everything else." ~Chalene Navarro, 09.06.14