Wednesday, August 4, 2010

strut your stuff

So when you typically think of the colors that a bride can wear on her wedding day you think...

White. Ivory. Silver (maybe?). Red? Purple? ...

Seem strange?  I mean, the first time I saw a bride in grey I'll admit I was a little shocked.  But the more weddings I've done, it seems that all the rules of what we consider "traditional" for weddings are slowly being broken, including the "bride has to be in all white" rule.  It seems that color has been sneaking its way into all aspects of the bride's attire (I mean how could we resist, colors are great)! 

Of the many ways color has been incorporated into bridal attire, my favorite trend are shoes, especially the bright colored ones (I'm a big fan of bright colors)!  I may be slightly biased -- I have a pair of purple ruffle booties that I LOVE, but also, I think colors are a way of communicating your personality (i.e. bright = loud, happy, excited, optimistic).  And it's just one more way to make your wedding day special!  So if you decide to opt for the not-so-typical bridal shoe, be sure to hike up your dress a little and show them off on your big day!
Image Credit: Natalie Moser, TOMS Shoes - Jessica Hill Photography

Image credit: Cory Parris Photography
Image Credit: SimplyTwo Photography

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