Friday, August 6, 2010

wedding cakes gone wrong...or right?

This post should probably be titled "Inspiration: I don't event know".  You'll understand why in a little.

One thing I've been saying lately is that anything goes on your wedding day -- it's your wedding day.  So go ahead, break the rules and go non-traditional.  Be unique.  Have a Nike shoe wedding cake and be proud of it!

However, the other day I was looking at Cake Wrecks -- they've documented many wedding cakes, and it's made me reconsider the "do anything you want rule."  I mean, extra points for creativity and having a cake probably no one else will ever have (EVER), but maybe there's a line we need to draw for ridiculousness...

I'll let you decide! Here's a few of my favorites.

Yes, you're on a boat, but I'm pretty sure you're not mermaids...Image credit: Jet City Cakes

It's the leaning tower of...cake? I think your wedding day is stressful enough -- now you have to worry about your cake falling over!
I'm a fan of bright colors, but there's a line I have to draw.
This looks like layers of rocks. Enough said.
"And that's why you always let the groom have his cake." -- Cake Wrecks
Yes.  That's live fish in champagne glasses.
This is just a small sample -- go check out Cake Wrecks!  It's hilarious!

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