Friday, February 18, 2011

"The Wedding Song" -- an original by Cameron Ernst

Choosing the right music for your wedding can be tough.  Brides are still trying to find an alternative to "Single Ladies" by Beyonce for the bouquet toss, and I think we're all a little tired of hearing Pachabel Canon in D.  Among other things, music is yet another aspect of your wedding that you can make all your own.  For one bride, my college friend, singer/songwriter Cameron Ernst, wrote a beautiful original piece for her wedding, "The Wedding Song" -- which just might be the wedding song you were looking for...    
The Backstory: My best friend's sister was getting married and wanted me to play at her wedding and I thought it would be cool if I wrote a song.  I had something I had been working on and decided to write a "wedding song." It turned into "The Wedding Song" which I performed at her wedding on December 11, 2010.  For the bridal party entrance and bridal procession, I played just the music of "The Wedding Song." For their first dance, I played and sang "The Wedding Song" that way people would recognize it from when she walked down the aisle! That was her idea :) I gave them the recorded version of "The Wedding Song" for a wedding gift, but then I was thinking I wanted to release it to the public.  I came up with a marketing plan with the help of my friend, Devon, to invite others to a private "Wedding Listening Party" where 8 fans were selected to hear the song before anyone else.  I officially released the song with a video on January 31st and the song is also on iTunes!

About the Video: The music video is all stop motion, which means I took a bunch of pictures and put them together to make a "flipbook" looking movie. All of the pictures were taken on my iPhone and then I Instragrammed (an iPhone app) them all. I used Bananagram letters for the lyrics, a ring box and Stella Dot ring, a Build-a-Bear, and roses. The couple at the beginning of the music video is my parents (pictures from their wedding a long time ago!) and the old couple at the end is my grandparents.  It was a blast putting it all together.  

I've known Cameron since my freshmen year in college and it has been exciting for me to see him pursue his dream as a musician.  Originally from the small town of Wichita, Kansas, Cameron is currently in the Texas area, constantly writing and looking for opportunities to get his music heard.  Most recently, Cameron wrote the song "Love is Louder," inspried by the Love is Louder movement started by actress Brittany Snow in response to all the recent suicides from bullying.  You can download this song for free at!   

If you would like to hear more of Cameron, or stay updated on his new music (he tells me that there's new music coming soon!), follow his fan page at!

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