Friday, February 4, 2011

love and football

This Sunday is the day that the Packers and the Steelers play in a (hopefully) epic game of football. Or as this picture shows -- Clay Matthew dominating the Steelers. 

In preparation for the SuperBowl, and as a football lover myself, I thought I'd gather some inspiration from one of my favorite sports.

Here's what I found --

If you want to carry the theme all the way through your wedding, have your officiant dress like a referee.  And instead of a floral archway that you're standing under as you exchange vows, make it a goal post.
Photo Credit: Glasses: -- ThisNext
The gentlemen can rep their favorite NFL team on their feet, while the ladies can rep them on their ears!
Photo Credit: Shoes for the Groomsmen -- The Knot.  Earrings for the Bride -- Jegas Creations

Photo Credit: Smoke on the Square
Party favors anyone?

Stadium cake
I wonder how many people this cake can feed...
One trend that was seen towards the end of last year was the rise of sliders and "comfort food" at events instead of having your filet of fish or grilled chicken dish.  Use these as your appetizers, couple it with some sweet potato fries and beer, and your guests will feel like they're back at the stadium.
The stadium cake doesn't really need a cake topper, but for all the non-stadium cakes, here are some of my favorites!

Photo Credit: Wedding Cake Toppers 1. Party Favors By Design 2. Magic Mud 3. Splendorcity (Etsy)
A couple of my friends incorporated football into their engagement photos.  It really captured their love for football and each other!
Photo Credit: SimplyTwo Photography

Just because you're in a wedding dress doesn't mean you can't play a little pick-up game of football on your special day  Or take some pictures on the field.

My favorite -- the ladies doing the Heisman!

Thanks for stopping by! Go Packers!


  1. oh my goshhh this made me laugh so hard!!! haha lovee it i know some people who would die for these football themed wedding goodies. great work tiff!! happy superbowl sunday and go pack go! :)

  2. OMG, my friends just had a football themed wedding. They bought their ticket style invitations at However, after buying the tickets, they had trouble incorporating the theme into the rest of the day. I wish we could have found this post sooner. Reposting on FB for all my football loving friends. Thank you for the tips.