Sunday, April 10, 2011

the new cupcake

Watch out cupcakes, you've got some competition.  

Macarons -- a popular dessert choice at weddings these days, and it's no surprise.  Small, delicious, and classy (if I say so myself), and they come in a variety of colors and flavors, a definite plus for brides who want their desserts to reflect their color theme.

Not to be confused with macaroons (also known as coconut macaroons), french macarons are made with egg whites, powdered sugar, granulated sugar, and finely grated almonds, and commonly filled with jam or buttercream.  Characterized by their "dome-shape", these desserts have a soft, moist texture.  They have a flat bottom with a crinkly ring called a "foot".  There are a few ways you can incorporate these beauties into your wedding --

1. A macaron tower

Image Credit: Alyson Meredith Cakes

2. Party Favors

3. Macaron pops

Image Credit: Bakerella

4. Dessert table

Image Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

These were too cute NOT to put in this post -- how adorable are these macaron rings by Petit Plat?

Alright, now I'm hungry/want to find myself some macarons. Until next time...

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  1. Hey Tiff, I've been following your blog for a few months now and it is great! These look amazing, I made some of these for Christmas (they were just plain white) and my family calls them Forgotten Cookies, since to make them you leave them in the oven over night and 'forget' about them.

    I hope you are doing well, it looks like you are!