Thursday, April 14, 2011

from wedding to weekend

It's a well known stereotype that bridesmaid dresses can only be worn once.  The movie 27 Dresses truly captured the worst of the worst.  I think we've all hoped and prayed that maybe, just maybe, we could wear the dress again.  Perhaps we've even tried to make it work, but nothing could hide the fact that was once a bridesmaid dress.

When BHLDN's new line launched, my friend, Prudence, did a post focused on their non-tacky, "wear again", bridesmaid dresses, and it seems they understand every bridesmaid's frustrations.

Today I received an email from BHLDN, featuring their dresses' versatility with the phrase "Once a bridesmaid...always a dress." One dress. 2 (or more!) ways.  It's like a dream come true for every bridesmaid, or just a girl on a budget (like myself).  Add a bold necklace, take down the updo, switch out the shoes.  Or here's a thought -- what about a party dress that could eventually be a bridesmaid dress.  Who says you have to be a bridesmaid to wear one of these lovely pieces?

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