Tuesday, October 19, 2010

june mountain isn't just for snowboarding

So in light of the upcoming (not quite soon enough) snowboarding season, I thought I'd share a sweet location for all you snowboard lovers.

Last year I finally learned how to snowboard.  The whole carving thing didn't come quite naturally -- let's just say that one of my friends was patient enough to spend the whole day going down the same slope.  And it didn't come without massive bruises, well, everywhere.  Even laying down in an extremely soft bed hurt a ton.  But it was all worth it, and I'm excited to go back (and hopefully land a jump)!

June Mountain was our choice for many reasons --
  1. It's cheap -- $125 for a college season pass (I'm definitely wishing I was still in college...)
  2. It's never crowded. Yeah, we all hate those long lift lines. And it's super awesome when you're just starting out -- you don't have to worry about running into people.
  3. It's got a great half pipe (I'm not that advanced yet, but those that are appreciate it).
  4. It's beautiful.  Really beautiful.
The last part is the most relevant part to this post because...during the summer season June Mountain becomes a venue for, yeah, you guessed it, weddings!  And it's just as beautiful.  Check out these awesome photos.

In short, June Mountain is awesome.  Snowboard in the winter.  Get married in the summer.

Or if you're not getting married you could also host an event, or just go to appreciate the beautiful scenery.

For more information, click here.

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